Reasons of Gout

Gout (Vatrakta) is an arthritic disease which is caused by the excess accumulation of the uric acid crystals in the small joints, that results pain and inflammation in joints.
There are many factors that cause Gout and Hyperuricemia.

1. Dietary habits

If you eat purine rich food such as meat, seafood, Alcohol consumption, chips, fast food, fish etc that can increases the risk of Gout /Hyperuricemia.

2. Overweight:

If any person is overweight his or her body produces excess uric acid, thus kidneys do not excrete the uric acid from the body which ultimately leads to increase chances of having Hyperuricemia / Gouty arthritis.

3. Family history of Gout:

It is also caused by hereditary condition, which means if other members of your family have gout then, there are chances that you may also suffer from the Gout.

4.Under excretion of uric acid:

When your body produces excess uric acid then the kidneys do not excrete the desirable amount of uric acid from urine, thus under excretion of the uric acid occur that causes Hyperuricemia and Gouty arthritis.

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