Frequently asked question

Q. How does Hyperuricemia/Gout occur in the body?

Ans: When there is more conversion of uric acid from purine, then kidney do not excrete the uric acid from the body, due to this the concentration of uric acid increases in blood, this condition is known as Hyperuricemia. Further if the condition is not treated the uric acid starts depositing in the small joints in the form of crystal, as a result pain, inflammation and stiffness feels in the effected joints, it is known as Gout

Q. Who can suffer from Gout?

Ans: Mostly middle age people suffer from Gout. Male suffers more As Compared to females with Gout and Hyperuricemia.

Q. How Uric acid and Gout is diagnosed?

Ans: The uric acid level can be determined by observing the blood sample in the lab. Your Doctor will suggest Uric acid test for the determination of Hyperuricemia. An x-ray also recommended by the doctor, synovial fluid analysis is also carried out to check the amount of uric acid crystal in the joints.

Q. What is mode of action of G-Amrita in treating Gout / Hyperuricemia?

Ans: G-Amrita Capsule is an Ayurvedic Formulation for Gout and Hyperuricemia; it is an excellent formula which contain therapeutically effective herbs that controls the Uric acid level and brings relief in Gouty arthritis. It contains Amrita (Tinospora cordifolia) and Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) which inhibits the overproduction of Uric Acid by inhibiting the Enzyme Xanthine oxidase. Some herbs also act as anti-inflammatory and analgesic that brings relief in the pain and swelling due to the Gouty arthritis. It prevents the under excretion of uric acid. So over all is the 1st line treatment of Hyperuricemia and Gouty arthritis.

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